FullSizeRender (5)Thriving Minimalist is Conor McMillen, a compassionate and energetic man who is continually diving deeper into becoming the most authentic expression of himself, while encouraging others to do the same.

Conor genuinely loves connecting with others to help them achieve their dreams. This natural inclination coupled with years of experience gained along his own path of self-development and training in Internal Family Systems Therapy has led to his success as a Therapist and Lifestyle Coach. Eager to share his passion for connecting and growing with others, Conor is looking forward to expanding his offerings of workshops and events hosted around the world.

When he isn’t filming a Youtube video or working with a client, Conor can be found rock climbing, writing poetry, experimenting with a new recipe, or relating with a loved one. Conor has an excitement for life and an eagerness to grow that is apparent to those who have the pleasure of interacting with him. Whether he is working on a new business project or making dinner for a friend, his empathetic and playful nature shines through.

Guided by his own internal compass, forged of self-compassion, honesty, deep self-love, and reflection, Conor feels secure and rooted, unaware just what the future may hold, but knowing that he is creating the unique path that he wants to walk.

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