Thirty Days Program

This thirty day program, based in Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapy has been created for you, designed to guide you in developing self-knowledge on your own through journaling, meditation, reading, videos, and exercises. Learn more.

Lifestyle Coaching

Conor McMillen offers lifestyle coaching for those who are looking for a supportive environment to pursue their goals. Whatever area of personal development you are interested in, he will provide a safe space and guidance for you to follow the path you most desire. Conor genuinely loves connecting with others to help them achieve their dreams. This natural inclination coupled with years of experience gained along his own path of self-development and training as an Internal Family Systems Therapist, makes coaching with Conor a great opportunity to help you achieve the life you have always wanted to live.

Sessions are 50 minutes long and held via Skype or FaceTime or Phone.

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Internal Family Systems Therapy builds off of the understanding that our mind is not a singular system, but a sum of many parts. These “parts” can be seen as “internal family members” and every part operates with the intention to best keep us alive, safe and protected. Despite their good intentions, when our parts are not aligned, we suffer, being pulled in different directions. IFS welcomes every part of our system with open arms, including those parts in conflict and those shamed parts we may have locked away. Loving, embracing and seeking to understand each and every one of our parts is how we heal and grow naturally. The approach of feeling self-love only after we do something “worthy” of love rarely works in creating lasting, meaningful change. We do not need to force change but instead simply listen, embrace, and be there for our parts and positive, beautiful growth and healing will follow.

Sessions are 50 minutes long and held via Skype or Facetime.

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Instant Message Chat per minute (min 30-mins): $30
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First Time Special Price: $80
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Single Session: $100
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Single Email Session: $35
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5 Sessions – $450
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