Thirty Days Program

thirtydaysprogramcoverconormcmillenThis thirty day program, based in Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapy has been created for you, designed to guide you in developing self-knowledge on your own through journaling, meditation, reading, videos, and exercises. You will gain a firm foundation in connecting with yourself, a sturdy background in methods to create compassion for yourself, and a solid understanding of what self love truly means and how to access it. Filled with meditations and exercises, you will gain tools for reflection and compassion to take beyond these thirty days and integrate in your everyday life. Learn more.

Thirty Days – $99
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Creating Epic Relationships program by Conor and Brittany

Creating Epic Relationships is a program created to help you dive deeper in transforming your relationships, with yourself, your partner(s), and the world. This program is comprised of tools for learning what we have found to be most important elements of creating and developing badass, healthy, unlimited relationships. This is your unique program, which you can follow on your own, with a partner(s), or with various loved ones.  After over a decade of intentional development of ourselves and the relationships we share with others, especially with our romantic partners, we are eager to have brought our skills and strengths together to create this unique program for you.

Learn more about this program here.

Creating Epic Relationships Program- $150
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Creating Epic Relationships Program + 1 Hour-Long Coaching Session-$225
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Simple Healthy Food: Recipe Book & Prep Guide by Conor and Brittany

simplehealthyfoodSimple Healthy Food was created with the intention to offer you a recipe book that not only provides tasty, fun recipes to try out, but also guides you in learning how you can create such recipes on your own. We are excited to share many of our favorite meals with you that are simple, healthy, and delicious. All the food showcased here is plant-based, mainly comprised of sweet and savory fruits, vegetables and leafy greens, with no cooking involved.

Offered in PDF form, this book is split into sections, including an introduction with kitchen and eating tools, smoothies, monomeals, ice creams, and savory meals such as salads, noodles and wraps.

Learn more about this ebook here.

Simple Healthy Food: Recipe Book & Prep Guide-$19.99
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Thriving Minimalist Recipe Book Vol 1

Ready to simplify your life? Toss out the stove, the condiments, the processed junk and get ready to redefine food. This book includes 90 plant-based, raw recipes all designed for optimal health with minimal tools and ingredients. I know you will love it!

$19.99 pdf download
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How to Make Money Online

For many minimalists, living simply means reconstructing how we make our income. The best I have found to live the lifestyle of abundance and vibrancy that I want, is to make my income entirely online. This book is intended to get you started on your path to do the same!

$7.99 pdf download
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Guided Meditations

Meditations are in a downloadable mp3 format compatible with iTunes and other media applications.

Anxious Part
This meditation will guide you to connect with your anxious part and move with your part into a calm, relaxed, and loving space.
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Accessing Self (Provided as part of your Thirty Days Program)
This meditation will guide you to drop-in and access Self energy. This meditation is 25+ minutes. You will be guided to relax the body, mind and emotional world while connecting with calm, curiosity and compassion.
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Un-Blending (Provided as part of your Thirty Days Program)
This meditation will guide you to drop-in and become the observer of your physical, mental and emotional world. This meditation is 15+ minutes. You will be guided to connect and invite space with the body, mind and emotional world.
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