Raw Compassion: Holistic Self-Exploration in Community

Raw CompassionRaw Compassion: Holistic Self-Exploration in Community

Join Tumi, Conor and Brittany for this 4-day, 3-night retreat in Austin, TX
Friday, June 26 – Monday, June 29, 2015

The practices of yoga, raw food nutrition, voluntary simplicity, and self investigation through Internal Family Systems are interwoven to offer a unique and transformative experience in this four day retreat. Through a daily practice of yoga, simplicity, and a nurturing living foods diet, we are better able to release the common barriers that impede our ability to practice true self awareness. Imagine experiencing the above in supportive community as we develop and strengthen our capacity for self compassion and self love. Welcome to Raw Compassion.

What is Included
Comfortable community accommodations for 3 days and 4 nights
Shared living space with your own bed
Delicious and simple fruit-based raw meals provided for breakfast and lunch
Daily guided 1-hour yoga asana practice
Group morning meditations
Guided self-work using the Internal Family Systems model
Daily connection circles
Raw food prep teaching labs
Hiking and dancing excursions in Austin
Three experienced guides and a loving, supportive community

raw compassion homeThe Space
The retreat will be held in a large home in the Walnut Creek area of Austin, TX, about a 20-minute drive north of downtown. We are looking forward to living in community with one another during these days, sharing the space in this house as we experience our journeys on the individual level and reflect and grow with one another.

Cost: $700
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Questions? Have more questions about the retreat? Curious about alternative payment options? Please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Tumi Johnson, M.D. works as a holistic medical doctor and a professional dancer.

Tumi is board certified in Internal Medicine as well as Integrative Holistic Medicine, and is a graduate of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.  A yoga practitioner for over 20 years, Tumi is also a certified Yoga instructor, having received Yoga Teacher Training from Yogaworks.  Her holistic medical practice is focused on helping people identify the underlying cause of their health issues and using her expertise to offer individualized holistic regimens that support people in achieving and sustaining their most radiant health.

A former Presidential Scholar in the Arts, Tumi was part of the New York City based contemporary dance company, Roza from 2009-2011, after which she moved to Paris and began creating her “poem dances”: solo dance pieces incorporating African and contemporary movement that are crafted from original poetry. These pieces have now been performed in southern France, Haiti, as well as several venues in NYC and southern California.

Tumi experienced transformative healing through a series of lifestyle changes that included shifting her diet to raw, living foods, incorporating the practice of vipassana meditation, as well as embracing a life of voluntary, sensual simplicity. Her work, both as doctor and dancer, is dedicated to empowering others to experience and nurture transformative levels of personal healing, beauty, and love.

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conor mcmillenConor McMillen is a trained Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapist and lifestyle coach. He strives to help his clients develop tools to decipher, understand, and hold compassion for their inner world.  Coming from a background of depression, anxiety, insomnia, and addiction, Conor has first-hand experience with embracing his darkest parts and bringing them into the light that is self- love.

Conor’s journey first began by switching his diet from meat, dairy and processed foods to one rich in fresh, raw fruits and vegetables. From there he developed a connection with movement and physical play.  While focusing on his physical health, Conor experienced a brightening of his emotional body, which he desired to take to the next level. He began delving deeply into self-therapy, discovering the IFS modality, setting in motion a deep love affair with healing and growing his own inner world. This love affair has continued. Conor now offers IFS to clients around the world who are seeking to better understand themselves. While guiding others in their own journey of self-exploration, Conor has found great fulfillment in showing his clients how to give themselves the greatest gifts we can give ourselves: compassion and self love.

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Britt retouched_by ashleyBrittany Taylor loves connecting with others and sharing her enthusiasm for life with the world. Her passion lies in guiding those ready to dive deep within themselves to uncover the most authentic versions of who they are. In having a curious and playful approach to self-exploration she has found the continual unfolding of self-growth to be fun and obtainable for all. Brittany offers support and inspiration in her videos, articles and coaching through her business Simple Living and Travel, which is focused around the topics of simple living, lightweight travel, and healthy practices for personal growth.

Brittany is an enthusiastic acrobat and a world traveler. She spends much of her time upside-down, balanced on someone else’s body. She enjoys the deep connection that takes place within herself and others while in this playful space of exploration. Her fruit-based, raw food diet provides her with the clean fuel her body needs to live her unique life. An avid minimalist, Brittany enjoys exploring new destinations with her small backpack of possessions either on foot or by the wheels of her camper.

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